December 2021 Next McDonald's Happy Meal Toys Illumination Sing 2 Set Collection USA


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The next McDonald's Happy Meal toys in December 2021 are the Illumination Sing 2 McDonald's toys. The McDonald's Sing 2 Happy Meal toy promo is from December 2021 to January 2022.

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Collect all 8 McDonald's Sing 2 Happy Meal toys to complete the Illumination Sing 2 collection. Here is the complete list of toys: #1 Johnny the Entertainer #2 Sneaky Floor Sweeper #3 Buster Moon's Stage Spectacular #4 Miss Crawly's Callouts #5 Rockin' Roadtrip #6 Cruisin' Clay Calloway #7 Hyperdrive Hustle #8 Meena the Show Stopper